Reliance Roofing & Exteriors knows it’s important to keep roofing and home repairs affordable after damages have occurred. We have  worked on millions of dollars worth of storm restoration claims, and will work directly with your insurance company and adjustor as we walk you through the often confusing process. Commonly, homeowners insurance companies cover the cost of damages to your roof and home when there is a weather related disaster or fire. However, it is important to have a roofing contractor who is knowledgeable in the claims process, and experienced in making adjustors aware of all the repairs necessary to ensure your commercial roof replacement, residential roof replacement and home are restored properly, while complying with all local building codes and current replacement costs. It is important to us, that you are getting the appropriate home and roof restoration that you deserve.

While every roof claim or other home damage insurance claim have similarities, your situation is unique to you and your home or business.  For personally tailored advice, call our Nashville roofing company at (833) 331-ROOF.